Here's the Schedule for the 9th Annual Succeed with ADHD Telesummit

Happening July 15-19, 2019



Schedule of Experts

Monday, July 15, 2019

Ari Tuckman, PsyD, CST -- Great Sexual Connection is Extra Important for Couples with ADHD

A couple’s sex life can be a source of strife or positive connection. Couples where one partner has ADHD will have enough struggles by day, making the potential benefits of a good sex life that much more important. This presentation will be based on groundbreaking research into ADHD couples’ sexual and relationship satisfactions and help attendees to improve both. We will identify what the happiest couples are doing, so you can apply your efforts to what will be most helpful. We will also discuss how the process of creating a great sex life will benefit your relationship overall—and vice versa. If your relationship is important to you, then your sex life should be, too—and so is this presentation.

Lynne Edris -- 5 Essential Keys to Your Success with ADHD

Find out how life can be easier AND more productive at the same time when you learn to use your unique strengths and tendencies to overcome your challenges! Productivity & ADHD Coach Lynne Edris is joining us to talk about the 5 Essential Keys to Your Success with ADHD. Lynne will explain why “trying harder” rarely works, and give you the 5 keys you need to use to unlock your potential and live successfully with ADHD. Lynne will show you how to identify what she calls your “Unique Operating System” and give you some simple strategies for identifying your own strengths and using them to make your life easier AND more productive and successful at the same time! You’ll walk away from this interview with practical techniques you can use today!

Karen Ryan -- A Holistic Approach to Changing the Face of ADHD and Co-Existing Challenges

We all know that medication can play an important role in the life of someone struggling with either ADHD or a co-existing condition such as anxiety or depression, but what most people don’t know is that nutrient-dense food, proper supplements and an active lifestyle are just as important as well.  Science has proven that what we put into our bodies plays a vital purpose in its outcome. Simply put, garbage in = garbage out! Guided by her committed background in both clinical and holistic nutrition and integrative mental health, Karen Ryan dispels the myths about what works, and what doesn’t work, in your everyday diet and lifestyle to help keep your mental health optimal.

Dr. Maggie Wray -- How to Help Smart But Scattered Teens Earn Better Grades!

Succeeding in school is often a huge challenge for students with ADHD, whether they’re earning straight A’s or struggling to pass their classes.  The effort required to stay focused, keep up with assignments, and manage time effectively can take a toll on students’ motivation and create stress for the entire family.  Join us for this special presentation with Dr. Maggie Wray to learn some of the top reasons smart but scattered students struggle in school and how to help them achieve their academic goals, including…

  • The common assumption teachers (and parents) make about “smart but scattered” students that keeps them from achieving their full potential
  • The 5 systems every student with (and without!) ADHD needs to have in place if they want to succeed at school  
  • Why it’s SO hard for students to get (and stay!) motivated about school…and how to help them get things done, even when they really don’t feel like it!
Cameron Gott PCC -- Own Your Bigger Positive Impact

To be human is to have an impact and that impact is rarely ever neutral.  Do you know how you impact and influence your world? ADHD enhances that impact in both positive and negative ways.  In addition, ADHD can actually limit our awareness of how exactly we impact our worlds. In this session, join Cameron Gott as he shares how to identify and harness the concept of positive personal impact.  Cameron works with leaders and influencers with ADHD but you don’t have to be a leader to benefit from this informative session.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Leslie Josel -- It’s 9:00PM! Don’t You Have Homework To Do?

As parents of children with ADHD, do you dread the nightly homework battles? Are your evenings spent hovering and helping your child through assignments? If you answered yes, then this session is for you!

Creator of the award-winning Academic Planner: A Tool for Time Management, Leslie Josel will explain her signature 4-step process for getting students unstuck and started. She’ll share the signature strategies she uses with her coaching clients to help them stay on task, on time and on track. You’ll learn how to set up an environment so it engages your student to get homework done and creative ideas for planning long term projects and boredom-busting “games” that strengthen the homework muscle. Leslie will teach you solutions to help your child learn how to plan for exams, and know when they are fully prepared. And, through hand-on exercises, you’ll learn how to create a “Personal Homework Profile” for your child so they can learn their best practices to get homework done. FOR THEM!

Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster -- Parenting Through the Hot Spots: Staying Cool During Transitions like Mornings, Homework and Getting off Technology

There are times in family life when the temperature rises, but you want to keep things from reaching a boiling point! Gotta get kids out in the mornings, through homework, off technology, and into bed at night – without anyone losing their cool, right? In ADHD land, time and transitions are a challenge already. So, how — when you feel like you’ve tried everything — do you get yourself and kids through crunch times? Tune in for key strategies to turn off the heat when managing hot spots.

Dr. Michelle Frank -- Breaking Through Barriers: How Women with ADHD Can Overcome Shame & Self-Limitation

What if you lived LARGER, instead of hiding and holding back because of your challenges? In this discussion, we will talk about common ways that women with ADHD get stuck in the tangles of self-limitation and ways that you can begin, TODAY, to break through them.

Diane O'Reilly -- Born this Way: Tapping Our Creative ADHD Nature to Heal Low Self-esteem

Diane shares her passion for the healing and the transformative powers of Creativity. People with ADHD have an innate abundance of Creativity, or as Lady Gaga would say, “Baby, we were born this way”!

Diane shares how a large part of healing our low self-esteem, increasing our mental resilience and even improving our physical wellness can be achieved all by using our Creativity. She also discusses the surprising toxic consequences of ignoring this part of our nature.

Jeff Copper -- Basic ADHD Truths That Most Miss

Are those with ADHD lazy? Unmotivated?  Do they procrastinate for seemingly no reason? Is their mess one big pile of unorganized clutter?  What’s the truth? What is real? What if they are as motivated as everyone else? What if there are legitimate reasons they procrastinate?  What if they could find anything in their piles of clutter within seconds? What if what most we believe is true is actually inaccurate?

In this Succeed with ADHD Telesummit session, ADHD coach Jeff Copper will identify basic truths about ADHD that most miss on things such as motivation, procrastination, organization, and more.  He’ll share insights on the truths he sees and how these truths can shift your mindset to better understand why what you are doing isn’t working and to enable you to more easily recognize what will work.

If you are drowning in a sea of strategies that are not or have not been working, join us for this insightful telesummit session in pursuit of the ADHD truth!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Dana Rayburn -- Start Untangling ADHD

Learning to live easier with ADHD is like trying to untangle a giant knot of yarn. You need to unravel the mess one strand at a time.

So, where do you start? What will untangle the snaggle of your life the quickest?

Join seasoned adult ADHD coach, Dana Rayburn, for a lively discussion to help you get started. Learn her favorite tricks for deciding where to focus first to unravel ADHD.

Shaun Roney, ADHD and Life Coach -- Manage Your ADHD Mind: A Natural Approach for Women

Are you a woman who is not officially diagnosed, or who was diagnosed later in life? Do you have what Shaun lovingly refers to as high functioning ADHD or ADHD tendencies? If so, this one’s for you!

Leaving your mind unmanaged is like leaving a toddler alone with a set of knives, or worse yet, a box of Sharpies! Both can do some serious damage.

When we take the time to observe our thoughts and notice what’s going on in our brains without judgment, we allow ourselves to see how what we’re thinking plays a large part in what we’re doing.

Using a tool called The Model, Shaun will break down step by step how to notice all of those thoughts swimming around in your mind, how to then unravel and make sense of them, and finally how to flip them upside down to get the results that you’re after in life.

Alan P. Brown -- Run Your Day with Less Procrastination, More Prioritization, and Better Time Management

Are you running your day, or is your day running you? For us ADHDers, it’s invariably the latter.

Planning our day is one of the most fundamental productivity hacks there is. Yet, few of us actually have a well-oiled habit of planning. Then there’s the actual running of our day, with all the distractions and interruptions of the real world that derail us.

ADHD/productivity coach Alan P. Brown shares evidence-based ways to make your plan and deliver on it, resulting in less procrastination, better prioritization and improved time management.

Kate Bee -- Alcohol and ADHD

Worried about your drinking? Thinking about taking a break from booze? Kate Bee is the founder of The Sober School, a website and coaching programme that helps women stop drinking and feel great about living life alcohol-free. She offers a frank discussion about the overall state of alcohol use in the world – why people are using and why it can be so hard to reduce or stop. Since many people with ADHD turn to alcohol to self-medicate their symptoms, Kate is here to offer her inspirational story, and assist you in developing an alcohol-free toolbox so you can develop other coping strategies in a way that honors you without shame or punishment.

Lynn Miner-Rosen, M.Ed., ACC, CDCS -- What ADHD Parents (and Students) Need to Know Before Starting College in the Fall

Making the move from High School to College can be a big transition for your son or daughter with (or without) ADHD and Executive Functioning deficits. It can also be a time of stress (and excitement) for you, the parent. You are probably worried about how your teen will adjust, get along with peers, use or ask for their accommodations, manage their medication, handle a huge amount of schoolwork, socializing, laundry and how and when they will eat and sleep…in addition to thinking about a career! Yikes! If your student is not stressed, you must be!

Your concerns are real. The good news is that students with ADHD can and will succeed in college. But, in order to make that transition a smooth one for all of you, there are many important things you should do now, this summer, before your teen attends orientation. Students will benefit from your forethought, planning and lots and lots of stress-free, calm conversations.

In this talk, ADHD Coach Lynn will share with parents the potential challenges for students and her top tips for success that you can do now, during the summer before college begins.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Samantha Moe, M.A. SLP -- How to Peacefully Transition Your Child Off Screens

Why does turning off screens have to be such a fight?  Children with ADHD often develop a dependence on electronics and argue to get as much time as possible.  If you find yourself arguing or bribing just to get them to complete everyday tasks like getting out the door or eating dinner with the family, you need a better plan.  Learn why screens are such a big deal to kids and an effective plan that limits screen time without a fight.

Shell Mendelson -- Five Steps to Self-Accommodation at Work

A significant number of ADHD diagnosed adults express feelings on the job of overwhelm, low self-confidence, and an uneasy feeling that they are either on their employer’s radar for probation or on the chopping block. If this is true for you, you may wonder if you should disclose your ADHD diagnosis and seek out accommodations.

The truth is this: The world may not yet be ready for you to reveal your diagnosis in the workplace. There are many factors that contribute to why you should or should not make this decision.

Tune into this presentation and learn what you should consider before disclosing an ADHD diagnosis to your employer. Shell will share the Five Steps to achieving peace and long term happiness in your work through self-accommodation and help you understand what your best working conditions can look and feel like in reality. You will end up more confident in knowing your options to either stay in your current job and self-accommodate or create a winning work environment perfectly suited to your unique brain wiring.

Linda Roggli -- The ADHD/Menopause Masquerade – Hormonal Shape Shifting

“Forgetful.“ “Foggy.” “Distracted.”  The words may read like an ADHD playbook, but in fact, they describe the cognitive effects of menopause for many midlife women. In addition to the (oh-so-wonderful) physical symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and weight gain, research shows that there is a distinct effect of diminishing hormones on women’s brain function. When we add ADHD to the picture, that effect can be even more disturbing. In this session, we’ll discuss “normal” cognitive aging and then compare the experience of ADHD women as they enter this new life phase. Then we’ll offer some options that can mitigate the profound changes that can begin as early as 10 years before actual menopause. Join us for this fascinating and surprising session.

Dr. Billi Bittan -- Remembering & Visioning Boards: Restoring Hope, Healing and Finding Direction with ADHD

ADHD has a huge emotional impact on people of all ages. Often, people living with ADHD are labeled as lazy or unreliable and criticized for being different. When everyone, including yourself, is telling you that who you are is less than who you should be, your internal chatter can get loud and everything can seem confusing. This can lead to feeling disconnected and lost and leave you wondering if you’ll ever get back on track.

At times like these, it is important to anchor in strong emotional connections that remind you of who you are, your infinite potential, and help you create and live a happy and fulfilled life. But many times, words alone aren’t enough to help you find your way back.

When this happens, a strategy to use is a Memory for Visioning Board. Join Dr. Billi Bittan to get your creative juices flowing and learn how to easily make your own personalized Memory for Visioning Board. You’ll leave this session knowing exactly what to do and what to avoid. But this is more than a crafting session; this is a healing process. We will use this process to learn how to REFRAME and EMPOWER to deal with ADHD challenges and communication issues and achieve a positive mindset and inspiration.

Rudy Rodriguez -- The Four Box Decluttering Method

Do you find yourself challenged, anxious and even overwhelmed by the thought of attempting to declutter your home or office? You are not alone in this matter.

Clutter generally begins with a small number of misplaced items strewn about here and there. “Oh, no big deal” you may think. However, after a while, the clutter increases in volume, and we stop seeing the growth of the misplaced items. It’s amazing how we can walk past or even step over our clutter without seeing it. Meanwhile, it generally continues to grow until we finally acknowledge the moderate or expansive volume of ‘stuff’ that has collected. This is when our feelings of overwhelm sets in and we feel paralysis, anxiety, a sense of powerlessness and lack of motivation.

The simple and practical Four Box Decluttering Method may be the answer. The Four Box Decluttering Method is a simple, effective and systematic strategy for decluttering most areas of your home or office.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Laurie Dupar -- How ADHD Life Coaching Works: 3 Listening Skills to Help you Thrive in Conversations

ADHD life coaching has become foundational in the treatment of ADHD. The reason?  It works!  
ADHD life coaches use specific skills to help persons with ADHD get clear and stay focused during their sessions.  But what’s a person to do who is not trained as a coach?  What can help with the interrupting, nonstop talking or forgetfulness that happens to us in everyday conversations.
In this session, Laurie Dupar, Nurse Practitioner, ADHD life coach and director at the International ADHD Coach Training Center teaches you three key listening skills all ADHD life coaches learn.
So, if your thriving with ADHD includes socializing and leaving conversations with people thinking you are one of the best listeners ever…this one is for you!
Luz Jaramillo -- Three Keys to Eliminate Emotional Binge Eating

Do you overeat or binge eat? Are you an emotional eater? Do you feel you can’t control your emotions? Do you have a hard time with food? Do you find it challenging to stick to a diet? If you have ADHD, there’s a reason! Learn three keys that can help you stop emotional binge eating while achieving lasting success.

Susan Lasky -- Set Yourself Up for Success!

Too often, our thinking focuses on the negatives. We tend to reinforce our perceived failures by berating ourselves for what we haven’t done, or what we could have done ‘better’. We feel anxious and avoidant about things we need or want to accomplish, making tasks more challenging. We question our ability to get things done, despite our talents and successes. It’s rare that we congratulate ourselves, and when we do, it’s often tempered by a negative ‘but,’ reminding us as to what we ‘should’ have done differently.

So, how do we turn off our Inner Judgmental Critic that constantly tells us we’re ‘not good enough?’ What are specific strategies that help us to ensure success, while remaining realistic about our ADHD-related challenges? How can we develop a more nurturing relationship with ourselves, based on self-acceptance, that improves both productivity and happiness?

Susan Lasky, a master ADHD, Productivity & Organization Coach, has spent over 25 years helping clients (and herself!) to better understand and accept their very real challenges, gain a better perspective and create successful outcomes. She will discuss specific strategies to quiet your inner critic, and reasons why it is so important to celebrate your successes.

Eliza Broadbent -- The Care and Feeding of Your ADHD Man

Three out of four of Elizabeth Broadbent’s most serious relationships have been with ADHD men. So she knows a little bit about ADHD relationships: the good, the bad, and the really, really bad. She joins the Succeed with ADHD Telesummit for the first time with a focus on the unique relationship issues that arise when dating men with ADHD — especially when you’re a woman with ADHD. From the fun parts (you understand each other!) to the bad parts (your house is always a disaster), we’ll cover common topics and how they work in a marriage or dating context.

Dr. Sharon Saline -- Tired of Shame and Blame? Stop Feeling 'Less Than' and Start Sharing Your Fabulousness

All too often, people with ADHD carry around shame that holds them back from accepting themselves and feeling truly good about who they are. Growing up receiving frequent feedback about what they could do differently, they’ve adopted those statements and transformed them into limiting negative self-talk. Sometimes the shame is obvious; other times, it’s more hidden. Reducing negative thinking is crucial for fostering the self-esteem and resiliency we all need to live successful, productive and connected lives. In this session, participants will learn how to transform shame and blame into awareness without judgment. Learning to practice self-compassion and accept that you’re doing the best you can with the resources you have at any given moment offers people the freedom to make mistakes and move on without debilitating self-criticism. Dr. Saline will teach specific tools for helping people change their perceptions of ‘mistakes’, identify their strengths and focus more on what they’re doing well each day.

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