Are you worried you won’t have time to listen to all the amazing speakers we have lined up this year?

We know the summer can be crazy busy and we want to make sure you get all the information, strategies and secrets to help you succeed with ADHD!

So we created the ADHD Success Kit just for YOU!

What’s the ADHD Success Kit?

The ADHD Success Kit includes all the audios from the weeklong 2018 Succeed with ADHD Telesummit + cool bonuses created just for you from our speakers and sponsors.

You heard that right! With the ADHD Success Kit, you get lifetime access – meaning you can download each one of the mp3s to your computer to make your very own ADHD mix tape – so you can listen to them again and again.

And you can get the audios right away – no waiting for that morning email, no rushing to cram them all in during the 24 hours, no need to clear your calendar. You get immediate access (starting July 23) to each one of the audios to listen to wherever, whenever and with whomever you want!

Cool, right?

But wait…we said something about bonuses, didn’t we? Yes! In addition to the audios, you also get super cool amazing bonuses – see below – from each of the speakers. PLUS you will receive a specially created Succeed with ADHD Telesummit Guide designed to help you follow along to each of the audios, organize your thoughts and action steps, and document the key information and strategies you learn during each of the presentations.

Does it get much hotter than that?

Bonuses in the ADHD Success Kit

Succeed with ADHD Telesummit Guide

A special gift for YOU when you purchase the ADHD Success Kit – a guide to each one of the talks to help you follow along, pay attention and stay focused, and take notes on the strategies and brilliance shared by the ADHD experts.

Dollar Value of bonus gift:  Priceless

Believe You Can Get the Job Done! The Power of Self-Efficacy to Meet the Challenges of ADHD - Video

Presenter: Dr. Kari Miller, PhD, BCET

Take a deep dive into strategies you can start implementing today to get control of the threat protection system’s defensive reactions. These defensive reactions are the most common cause of procrastination, poor follow-through, and other self-defeating behaviors. The free gift is an informative and fun video in which you’ll learn strategies to help yourself shut off the negative thoughts and emotions and shift into action! In addition to the video, you’ll also receive a transcript so you don’t have to worry about taking notes!

Dollar Value of your bonus gift:  $27

5 Session Clearing Package

Presenter: Tara McGillicuddy, SCAC of and ADHD Support Talk Radio

This Free on-demand 5 session clearing package will help you to remove energetic blocks associated with:

  • Time Management
  • Organizing
  • Clutter
  • Productivity
  • Success at Work

Dollar Value of bonus gift:  $97

40+ Links to Technologies and Apps to Get You Through Your ADHD Day

Presenter: Abigail Wurf, M.Ed, PCC

In one place, over forty links to technology and apps that will get you through your ADHD days, almost double the apps mentioned in the presentation.

Dollar Value of your bonus gift: $59

Alan P. Brown’s Productivity Accelerator Video Series

Presenter: Alan P. Brown

4-Video Series of Simple Ways to Take Control of Your Time, Energy and Sanity: Alan shares foolproof hacks to help you take control of your day so you can get more done, in less time with less stress.

Dollar Value of your bonus gift:  $14.99

Understanding the Impact of ADHD and Executive Function on Learning, Motivation, and Behavior - Workshop

Presenter: Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ACAC

During the past ten years, we have learned so much about how ADHD and Executive Function impact learning, behavior, and motivation. This workshop will help you make sense of why it’s so hard for your child to behave as expected and includes:

  • What makes following directions and consistency of behavior so challenging.
  • Why concepts like organization and time management seem to be learned, but not followed.
  • How using rewards and punishments often create more problems than they solve.
  • Why attention and discipline alone are not enough to improve performance and compliance

Dollar Value of your bonus gift:  $35

Your Biggest Clutter Problem and What To Do About It

Presenter: Dana Rayburn

Learn Dana’s simple, break-through solutions to your biggest clutter challenge!

Dollar Value of your bonus gift: $27

Meditation for the Scattered Mind

Presenter: Dr. David Sitt

9 minute guided meditation led by Dr. Sitt to use as one of the tools for detaching from technology and living more mindfully.

From Codependence to Recovery - Handout

Presenter: Diane O’Reilly

A printable multi page handout full of my favorite resources to deepen your understanding of codependence allowing you to Elevate your ADHD relationships.

Adult ADHD: 50 Tips of Management

Presenter: Edward (Ned) Hallowell, M.D.

When you’re diagnosed with ADHD, one of the first thoughts is…”Okay, now what do I do about it?” You have many options on how to treat and manage your ADHD and in this bonus pdf, Dr. Hallowell presents his 50 top tips on treating ADHD naturally.

Behind the Wheel With ADHD Mini Overview: Tips for the Busy Parent - Chapter 1

Presenter: Gayle Sweeney of Behind the Wheel with ADHD

Behind the Wheel with ADHD will release a new eBook, available for purchase soon, for parents who want tips and ideas for guiding their teen in the driver education journey. They offer Chapter 1 as their bonus gift.

Dollar Value of your bonus gift: $5.99

How to Support without Enabling - Webinar Bundle

Presenters: Elaine Taylor-Klaus, PCC, CPCC, and Diane Dempster MHSA, PCC, CPC of ImpactADHD

Get the scoop on how to empower your kids to become independent and help them find their motivation with two webinars that help you pull it all together!

Dollar Value of your bonus gift:  $50

Integrative Therapies for ADHD: Redefining Personalized Treatment Options - Video Course

Presenter: Dr. James M. Greenblatt

This video course features on-demand presentations by Dr. James Greenblatt renowned experts with extensive experience in Integrative Medicine for mental health treatment.

These lectures are designed to enable professionals and caregivers to incorporate practical solutions and Integrative Medicine therapies into treatment.

Dollar Value of your bonus gift: $29.95

Surfing Attention - Downloadable Cartoon eBook

Presenter: Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC

A study of the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine,” concluded that laughter can enhance your learning ability, reduce stress, improve memory, and even burn up calories!

Dollar Value of your bonus gift: $5

ADHD is Not a Four Letter Word - Book Excerpt

Presenter: Karen Ryan, NNCP, RHN of vancouverADHD

In this groundbreaking guide, respected nutrition expert Karen Ryan shatters the stigma of ADHD and offers an eye-opening new look at this long-misunderstood condition. Dispelling the myths that have come to define ADHD as an irreversible disorder, Karen shares the many facets that make up this gift while offering an abundance of drug-free strategies through which a child’s true creativity and character can shine.

ADHD Is Not a Four-Letter Word: Drug-Free Strategies for Managing the Gift That Is ADHD is a no-nonsense book designed to help those who live with children and teens with ADHD. There is no confusing scientific jargon here—just easy, everyday strategies to help kids get back on track.

There are many different sides to ADHD and therefore no one-size-fits-all solution. Unlock the door to managing ADHD with better nutrition, improved behavioral support, and targeted education. And take back the reins without relying on dangerous medications and subjecting your child to their adverse effects. Thriving with ADHD is possible—and the secrets to making it happen are all right here in this comprehensive guide.

Dollar Value of your bonus gift: $4.99 CAD

Best Year Ever with ADHD

Presenter: Laurie Dupar of Coaching for ADHD and IACTCenter

It’s time to finally address how your ADHD gets in your way and get the answers to reducing the chaos, overwhelm and crazy that may currently be running your days. The Best Year Ever with ADHD program is a year long program where you receive a one-hour recording from Laurie each month for 12 months that focuses specifically on managing one of the key challenge areas of ADHD (such as time management, planning, procrastination, overwhelm, memory, impulsivity, organization, etc.). If you want to experience the balance, clarity and satisfaction of running your days rather than them running you, this systematic step-by-step, year long program is for you.

Dollar Value of your bonus gift:  $97

One Stop Shop for Student Organizing Solutions Shopping List

Presenter: Leslie Josel of Order Out of Chaos

Leslie Josel’s downloadable and easy to use “One Stop Shop for Student Organizing Solutions” shopping list helps you find the perfect organizing and time management solutions for your student!

Dollar Value of your bonus gift:  $39

So You Want to Start Your Own Business? An Introduction to ADHD Entrepreneurship

Presenter: Linda Roggli of ADDiva

An illustrated guide to the hurrahs and pitfalls involved in starting your own business as an ADHD entrepreneur

Dollar Value of your bonus gift:  $30

Push Past Procrastination© Training Replay

Presenter: Lynne Edris, Productivity & ADHD Coach

In this recorded training, Lynne Edris will help you understand why you struggle with procrastination and follow-through, and give you simple strategies you can use today to do what you need to do when you need to do it, and free up time and energy for what matters most to you!

Dollar Value of your bonus gift: $79

A Parent's Guide to Managing Technology Distractions - Pdf

Presenter: Dr. Maggie Wray

Technology is a huge distraction for many students, but completely turning off all phones and computers during work is often impractical…so, in this special guide we’ve outlined the top FOCUS apps and tools that students and their parents can use to engage with technology more mindfully and maintain control of it rather than allowing it to control them.

Dollar Value of your bonus gift: $25  

The ADHD Confidence Builder - Guide

Presenter: Nikki Kinzer, PCC & Pete Wright

We could all use a bit of help dealing with the unexpected things that pop up in our day. Here’s a guide to help!

Hope, Fear, & Clutter: and Uncut Interview with Dr. Anthony Rostain - Audio

Presenter: Rick Green of TotallyADD

In this wide ranging interview ADHD clinician and researcher, Dr. Anthony Rostain provides hope, reassuring advice, and practical suggestions for families and individuals of all ages.

Dollar Value of your bonus gift: $6.99

2 Bonus Articles on Coping with ADHD

Presenter: Rudy Rodriguez of ADHD Center for Success

“7-steps to Get Control of Your Day” provides seven essential steps you can take to manage your time and thus take charge of your day.

“The Four Box Method of Decluttering” will break down simple steps to approach and succeed with your next decluttering project.

Dollar Value of bonus gift: $50

You Can’t Stop Anxiety But You Change Your Relationship to It - Pdf

Presenter: Dr. Sharon Saline

This bonus gift from Dr. Saline is a downloadable document full of useful tips and how-to’s for changing your relationship to anxiety.

Dollar Value of bonus gift: $50

Jump Start Your Career Confidence: Create a Smile File - Pdf

Presenter: Shell Mendelson

Shell’s Smile File How-To will give you a fun and exhilarating boost toward creating a clear and confident career path.

Dollar Value of bonus gift:  $100

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a telesummit?

A telesummit is much like a conference or seminar in which many authors, speakers and experts come together to share their knowledge. The difference is that it is done all by telephone and computer! When you register online, you get the dial in information (and weblink) so you can listen in from the comfort of your own home, work, car and even on vacation!

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How long are the calls?

Each of the calls are 30 minutes long to make it easy for you to listen to each one either live or on replay!

A reminder…

The Succeed with ADHD Telesummit is a free five-day virtual event that you can access from anywhere in the world!

How it works: Each day at 7 am Pacific during the week of the telesummit we will send you an email.  The email will have the links to 5 of the 30 minute expert segments featured that day.  Each audio features one of our guest presenters and their unique topic.

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We are excited to be able to bring to you such talented, gifted and entertaining experts, including: ADHD life coaches, psychologists, pharmacists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, neurobiologists, educational therapists, career coaches and a comedian!

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