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Your (Overly) Complicated Life: An ADHD Love/Hate Story

Presenter: Linda Roggli of ADDiva

Let’s be honest: ADHD folks aren’t crazy about “simple.” They like things rich and deep and complex so they can dig in and really worry a problem to within an inch of its life! There’s a good reason behind all this “complexification” of ordinary (and especially tedious) tasks: we are trying to avoid boredom.

It’s fine to add a little tributary of complexity when we’re surfing the ‘net or puttering in the garden, but in the “real world,” making things more complicated than expected can have serious consequences. Easy tasks become monsters. They spread out over time. Other people get annoyed because the task isn’t DONE (the favorite four-letter word of ADHD folks).

This light-hearted, but deadly serious session offers insight in the why and how we complicate our ADHD lives, then offers some ADHD Success Strategies that help you avoid boredom while getting things DONE. Join Linda Roggli and Laurie for this fascinating (and all too honest) session.

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Collaborate with your Pharmacist to Ensure the Best Possible Outcome

Presenter: Colleen Hicks, BScPharm

Getting through the ADHD medication maze can be tough. Knowing how to enlist the help of your pharmacist can make it easier. In this session, Colleen Hicks, BSc Pharm from Ontario, Canada shares with you how to collaborate with your pharmacist to ensure the best possible outcome when using ADHD medication as a treatment strategy. Listen in as she covers everything from what to do before you go to your prescriber’s office so you’re sure your prescription is complete, to what to do if you have a bad reaction to the medication prescribed…and multiple pieces of great advice in between. Knowing how to utilize your pharmacist as a resource in your ADHD treatment serves to expand your support system and ensure your success.

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Punctuality & ADHD: Arrive & Shine

Presenter: Lynne Edris, Productivity & ADHD Coach

Most adults with ADHD try to be punctual, but still struggle to be on-time consistently. Our chronic tardiness impacts us in business, at home, in our bank accounts, our relationships and causes a tremendous amount of stress for us and the people around us. You’re not rude. You’re not selfish. You’re not passive aggressive. You start every day with the intention of doing better, but you can’t seem to be on-time consistently. Setting your clocks ahead and getting up earlier doesn’t solve the problem! (If that was a game-changer for you, don’t bother to listen to this training!) The problem is complex, and the solutions starts from the inside out.

Join Productivity Coach Lynne Edris to get a deeper understanding of why you struggle to be on-time consistently, and learn simple strategies and insights to help you learn to be On-Time, so that you can let your abilities shine!

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Escape the Dance of Co-dependence and Elevate your ADHD Relationships

Presenter: Diane O’Reilly

  • Does it feel like the more you give, the more frustrated, lost, helpless and stuck you seem to feel?
  • Do you feel a constant push-and-pull in your relationships? A kind of crazy-making-energy that’s hard to define or change?
  • Are you bewildered and confused that all of your helping doesn’t seem to be helping, that despite your best intentions to improve life for your loved ones, much of the time you feel unappreciated and even resented?

It might be that you’re in a codependent relationship. Women especially are vulnerable to codependence in their roles as mothers, daughters, wives and partners caring for people with ADHD. And they aren’t the only ones, the child, teen or adult with ADHD who’s on the receiving end of this care is also vulnerable to its toxic effects. Life coach Diane O’Reilly sees a high frequency of codependent patterns in families and relationships where ADHD is present. In her presentation, Diane will explain the connection between the dance of codependence and ADHD and the high costs of these relationships. Learn how to elevate your relationships and experience more joy, freedom, personal fulfillment and an honest connection as a result.

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Insider Secrets to Succeeding with ADHD

Presenter: Dana Rayburn

There is lots that goes into succeeding with ADHD. Clutter to clear. Task lists to manage. Skills to learn. Habits to change. A brain to nurture. Emotions to control. Communication to improve. These are all important.

Yet, experience has shown that skills and pills aren’t enough. A solid, successful ADHD life needs a strong foundation. Plopping new habits and skills on a weak foundation produces weak results. Everything will be wobbly, like a house of cards that collapses at the slightest nudge.

Dana Rayburn sits down with us and talks about this idea of a strong ADHD foundation and three of her favorite game changing bricks she believes that foundation needs. Secrets that have shifted her and her clients from a life of ADHD frustration and failure to a life of ADHD Success.

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